More than just dry cleaning

Here's a brief list of services we offer for you and your business

This is just some of what we do

Dry Cleaning

We do your dry cleaning and lauandry. Keep looking sharp— we can starch your dress shirts, too!

Fleet Services

Set up a contract that allows your staff to bring thier uniforms in as-needed, and we'll take care of them.


Preserve your wedding dress or other special garments in an acid-free keepsake box

Repairs & Mending

Tear a seam? We can fix that! Hemming? No problem!

Large Linens?

We have a GIANT flatwork ironer to make quick work or your sheets, tablecloths, or whatever you've got!

Suede & Leather

We can take your handbags, purses, jackets, etc, have them cleaned and cared for the right way.


Vintage keepsakes and old toys can get a new lease on life

Household Goods

Rugs and comforters, bedsheets, pillowcases, draperies; you name it, we can clean it

Hospital Linens

Isn't it nice to know your local hospital's linens are being cleaned without harsh chemicals?

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Bridal Heirlooming

Say "Yes" to a perfectly preserved keepsake of your big day

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Think of it as Toy Triage

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The BIG Iron

If you have a lot of large linens to iron, you know what this means for our turnaround time.

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Notoriously hard to care for. Not to worry; we've got you covered.